RESI workshop – 5th October 2020

RESI workshop – a creative way of personal goal setting

The RESI network invites advanced Phd-students and Postdocs for this workshop focused on improving your awareness about goal setting by using techniques of archery. In this special workshop you will learn the basic techniques of archery and use these experiences for improving your mindfulness regarding your personal and business goals. A coach will guide you through the transformation process and show you how to apply this knowledge for your career planning.

We ask for reliable registration. The workshop is free of charge and part of the measures introduced by the RESI network

The workshop is limited to 12 participants and the first come first served principle is applied. The event takes place on 06.10.2022. All further information will be sent to you after registration.

Please apply here: by 13:00 on 3rd October 2022.

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