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The number of academic positions at universities has grown over the past years. However, tenure positions have not increased accordingly and long-term academic careers are now the exceptions, not the norm.  The RESI society was created in recognition of the increasing need to enhance the entrepreneurial mindset and a key set of skills researchers can use to pursue careers that will be personally 

and professionally both meaningful within and outside of academia.

RESI, together with five leading Higher Education Institutes and three global enterprises, as part of the p2i Network, are committed to improving the potential and mobility of researchers to, inter alia, contribute to economic and social growth and expand EU competitiveness.

Changing mindset

Entrepreneurial thinking for successful careers in & outside academia

Awareness & inspiration

Entrepreneurship awareness and networking


Entrepreneurial skills, confidence & contacts


Business model & plan development

Launching a business

Launching a successful business

The RESI programm

The RESI program builds upon already existing provision at the partner organisations, by focusing on filling a gap in delivery at the very early stages of entrepreneurial life cycle with a particular focus on changing mindsets, awareness, inspiration and intention. For the industry partners, developing an entrepreneurial mindset and a vital “know-how” to transform ideas into positive results for companies and society are desirable attributes for any current and future employees.

However, the main ambition to ensure that those who engage with RESI come away with a clear understanding of the importance of the entrepreneurial mindset and its impact on a successful future regardless of their career trajectory. The European consortium offers an international dimension – researchers are a highly mobile workforce and these collaborations bring cohorts together from different countries, providing a flavor of different ecosystems.

The initiative provides a shared model of leadership learning between the academic and industry partners, which will become embedded in HEI development training and include delivery by industry partners.

RESI Activities

The RESi program enables early career researchers (advanced phd´s and postdocs) from across the partnership to engage in a range of activities matched to their interests and needs. Participation in RESI activities via a well-structured process and delegates are connected with other researchers, industrial contacts, investors, entrepreneurs and academics with experience in start-ups.

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